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Your Questions About Directions

Lizzie asks…

what the hell is one direction?

this is not a troll im really asking because i was searching for some questions in Rock and Pop
i found questions like :o ne direction or oasis? the beatles or one direction? why do guys hate one direction? Another One Direction support act? Who is the One Direction opening act?
Guys who like One Direction?!!!?!?

am i an ignorant or what? please answers is one direction really the big deal? if yes, why ?

Nagesh answers:

One Direction is a Pop Rock band that was form in The X Factor, they are 5 boys. They are right now in a tour of they’re first disc album Up All Night. They are very new in this. They are good, I hear them and Im a girl but well every girl now love them so much. Guys not because they think they are gays and that they dont sing but, honestly I’ll say that they have talent and they have a great future in music.

Donald asks…

Which two directions emerged among the Post Impressionist artist?

Name one artist for each direction

Nagesh answers:

One direction would be the road started on by Van Gogh. I have always felt that Vlaminck picked up the torch dropped by Van Gogh and carried it towards Fauvism, and Expressionism.
The other direction would be towards realism and surrealism which is epitomized by the work of Dali.

Mandy asks…

Can Yahoo maps give walking directions?

I’m in a big city and usually work everywhere I go. I want to measure distance without considering things such as one-way streets. On Yahoo maps I’m restricted to driving directions, which are determined by things such as one-way streets. Thanks. Proverbs 3:5-6
I usually *walk* everywhere I go.

Nagesh answers:

Your bus station website should have a beta search engine and that should give you walking directions. In Sacramento, CA and our RT (Regional Transit ) website gives us walking directions and bus directions what state are you in …

Mary asks…

Webkinz Plush Toy One Direction Version?

My little sister LOVES webkinz plush stuffed animals! She is marketing webkinz videos for her YouTube account. She also loves One Direction, and she wants to make a webkinz band with a name similar to One Direction. She wants the first part to say One but she wants the last part to be slightly different. Any idea’s?

Nagesh answers:

One webkinz direction

one direction webkinz style

my direction is webkinz style

one direction with webkinz

one diwebkinz

one direkinz

Susan asks…

Send a letter to One Direction?

Say if I wanted to send a letter to Niall from One Direction
what would I put on the envelope?
Would I put One Direction or Niall Horan
I’m sorry I’m not to sure

Nagesh answers:

Put one direction then in commas put Niall

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Your Questions About Frys

Steven asks…

Curly fries?

Does any one happen to have any good recipes for curly fries…??

Nagesh answers:

Seasoned Curly Fries
Vegetable oil as needed
6 lbs. Curly seasoned French fried potatoes, frozen

Deep-Fry: Fill deep fryer half-full with oil; heat to 375 ° F. Fill fryer basket no more than hall-full of frozen French fries. Deep-fry 2 to 3 minutes or to desired color and crispness. Drain well.

Oven Method: Arrange frozen fries in single layer on baking sheet. Bake at 450 ° F 20 to 25 minutes.

Individual Serving: Serve 4 ounces hot French fries as appetizer, side dish or snack.

Sandy asks…

FRENCH fried potatoes?

I was at a restaurant the other day and they offered French Fried potatoes as a side. I always see fries, baked, or mashed potatoes. What does it mean to French Fry them?

Nagesh answers:

French fried potatoes are French fries. This is potatoes cut in to a french cut like thin sticks then fried they are also know Chips in England, Australia and Ireland.

French is the cut, fried is the cooking method, Potatoes are the vegetable.

Sharon asks…

Deep Fried Mars Bars?

How do you deep fry a mars bar?
My friend had it in turkey and she loved it so i thought i might try it

Nagesh answers:

Deep Fried Candy Bars Recipe


1 cup sifted flour
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup cold water
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
4 caramel covered candy bars
Shortening or oil for frying


Mix flour, salt, and water until smooth, cover, and let stand at room temperature 20 to 30 minutes. Stir baking powder into batter. Place shortening or oil in a deep fat fryer, insert thermometer, and begin heating over high heat. Dip candy bars into batter, allowing excess to drain off. Fry in 375 degree fat until golden and crisp. Drain on paper toweling.

This recipe from CDKitchen for Deep Fried Candy Bars serves/makes 4

Mary asks…

Are Burger King fries vegetarian?

I have seen similar questions but the most recent is three years ago. Does anyone know if the fries are vegetarian now?

Nagesh answers:

Ya burgerking fries are technically vegetarian now. They use vegetable shortening in the fries.
But u may wana ur bk if their fries are vegetarian just in case.
Wendys uses corn n soy oil in fries.
Innout uses vegetable oil in fries.

Mcdonals uses vegetable canola oil with beef flavoring and other stuff so just dont get their fries.

Nancy asks…

Do we still calll them Freedom fries?

I like the name better than French fries.
Freedom Toast, lol I like that.

Nagesh answers:

Lmao freedom fries…how dumb. Are we serious? I remember them talking about this never thought people actually went for it though. Its not French fries, its french fries. We aren’t claiming their nationality by calling them french fries, is it Freedom Toast now too…how ironic is Freedom Toast? Seems to me like it fits in todays America…VOTE FOR OUR FREEDOM, TOAST! [bye] ha im funny =]

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Your Questions About Direct Loans

Joseph asks…

Is the stipend the same as the Direct unsub loan?

Nagesh answers:

No, a stipend and direct unsubsidized loan are different. A stipend is a form of salary, such as for an internship or apprenticeship. A direct unsubsidized loan is a student loan in which the interest accrues one the loan has been fully dispersed and your loan repayments start 6 months after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time status. You will have 10 years to fully repay your loan.

The biggest difference is that a stipend is not something you have to repay later. You earn the money by working.

Helen asks…

Direct Unsubsidized Loans and FAFSA?

So I am going to be a freshman in college this year (2013-2014) and I am having so many questions about loans and things. So lets begin…I have completed my FAFSA and they said that I am eligible for a Stafford thingy. It’s worth I think $5,500. It doesn’t sound like a lot but because I decided to do freshman year at a community college tuition is only like $4,000 I believe. Moving on, I decided to log on my Student Portal (the little thing with all your information) and I checked out my finances and I saw that I have been given an DIRECT UNSUBSIDIZED LOAN of $4000.

1. Does that mean I will have to pay this back out of my pockets or will FAFSA cover it or what?

2. Can anyone give me more info on how all this FAFSA and loan stuff works?

I am so confused. Because it’s the weekend the school isn’t open, I can’t just walk in and get all my questions answered. So please help me guys thanks :)

Nagesh answers:

Because it is a LOAN, you WILL be required to pay it back. Normally, you won’t be required to begin payments until after you graduate. The bad news is that the loan continues to accrue interest until it is paid back in full. Also, because of the type of loan, it cannot be included in a bankruptcy.

A subsidized loan’s interest rate is partially covered by the federal government, resulting in a lower interest rate than an unsubsidized loan.

If you need more information, by all means visit your financial aid office when it opens. Don’t be shy about asking them for information. That’s what they are paid for!

Also, this link may answer many of your questions:

Chris asks…

Can you have a co-signer on a section 502 USDA Direct Loan?

I as considering applying for a loan from the USDA. My credit isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Can I have a co-signer?
The reason I ask is because I’m disabled and currently only getting 700 a month. But the only thing i spend this on is rent and basic things like electric water etc etc. I’m paying 300 just for a small room to rent. I contacted the USDA they sent me this large packet to fill out. I was just wandering if it was worth my effort or not. I live in very rural are in Kentucky and you can buy places at very reasonable rates. When you say the subsidize the loan do they count that when figuring how much you could pay back. For example if i found a home for 40,000 and payments were 250 with the 5 percent interest, would the government pick subsidize part of that payment ? Thanks for the info.

Nagesh answers:

USDA Direct loans (or section 502) are for very low income buyers in rural areas, and are subsidized; meaning that the USDA actually covers a portion of the mortgage payment each month and you pay it back when you sell or refinance.

If you are low income, then even with not so good credit, you most likely will not require a co-signer. The co-signers income might put you above the income level.

Here is a link to the USDA website:


Maria asks…

Financial Aids help. Direct Sub Stafford Loan ?

I have no idea if there is interest for Direct Sub Stafford Loan 1. Can someone help me :(

Nagesh answers:

The govt will pay the interest while you are in college on a subsidized Stafford. When the loan goes into repayment which is beginning 6 months after you graduate, quit or fall below half time then they start adding the interest on the balance of the loan

Undergraduate students:
• For loans first disbursed on or
after July 1, 2010, and before
July 1, 2011: 4.5%
• For loans first disbursed on or
after July 1, 2011, and before
July 1, 2012: 3.4%
• For loans first disbursed on or
after July 1, 2012: 6.8%
Graduate students: 6.8%

I got those interest rates from this great site. Check it out: http://studentaid.ed.gov/students/attachments/siteresources/Funding_Education_Beyond_HS_2011-12.pdf

Thomas asks…

unsubsidized direct stafford loan? how does it actually work?

i just got an email from my community college that i have been awarded a unsubsidized direct stafford loan. The award letter says that i will receive $1,750 for the upcoming spring semester. This will really help because tuition for full time student at my college is $1,500 and i will be able to spend the remaining money on books.
I did a little research online and i found out that if i got a subsized loan, i would not have to pay intrest. But since i got an unsubsized loan i do have to pay interest.
I was wondering if there was anyone out there who had used this unsubsidized loan, and if so do you reccomend it? and how is the payment plan? do i pay intersest every month until i totally repay the loan? and if so how much intrest would i have to pay for a $1,750 loan?

sorry if i sound ignorant but i have no idea how this whole thing works and my college advisor wont reply to my emails

Nagesh answers:

No you do not sound ignorant at all, you sound just like all of us when we first went through the same thing.

Yes federal loans like subsidized and unsubsidized, parent etc loans are all good. They have great interest rates and terms and flexible payback. If you have to get a private loan for college which some do those are from banks and lenders and are no where near good as this. Http://www.gocollege.com/financial-aid/student-loans/benefits-of-loans.html Many students have these loans.

Unsubsidized means from the time you get the loan the interest will start adding up while you are in school. Its not a lot of money the interest, 2.79 a month. You cannot pay the interest ahead of time. I called the Stafford office and was told you cannot pay it ahead of time and they recommend you pay it yearly.

You just want to pay that interest before you go into repayment on the loan. You start to repay Stafford loans 6 months after you graduate college, quit or fall below half time. Otherwise they will add all that interest to the amount of your loan and then you will have to pay interest on that higher amount, so you want to pay the interest before you have to repay the loan.

Your school will have a disbursement date for federal aid, which is a date all student will get their financial aid deposited into their college accounts. Your school will take their charges for tuition, meals, fees, housing. Then you will be refunded the difference by check or card system depending on your school.
We applied FAFSA Jan 1, got our federal aid in our college account 8-25, school started 9-1 and we got our refund 1 week after school started by card system.

Congratulations and have fun in college.

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Your Questions About Fandango

Lisa asks…

Whats is ‘The Fandango’?

Nagesh answers:


Fandangos is a style of flamenco music and dance, probably derived from the jota[citation needed]. Philologists link it to the ancient Roman erotic dance known as the cordax (called iconici motus by the poet Horace and the playwright Plautus). The satires of Juvenal make specific mention of the testarum crepitus (clicking of castanets). In its earlier Greek expression, finger cymbals were used.

The fandango form probably has more derivations than any other in flamenco.

The fandangos grandes (big fandangos) are normally danced by couples, which start out slowly with gradually increasing tempo. This is the form from which many others are derived.

The fandanguillos (little fandangos) are livelier more festive derivations of fandangos. Some regions of Spain have developed their own style of fandangos, such as Huelva (fandangos de Huelva) and Málaga (fandangos de Málaga, or Verdiales).

The rhythm is essentially the same as for bulerias and soleares.

Fandango is also a term used by British and Australian tourists visiting numerous countries in South America, used to express appreciation eg. Of a wonderful view or a fantastic steak

Helen asks…

What happened to Fandango?

Haven’t seen him in weeks…

Nagesh answers:

Fandango suffered a concussion several weeks ago and returned to WWE Rings this week. He wrestled on Monday Night Raw 2 days ago, wrestled yesterday at The Friday Night Smackdown Taping (Spoiler Alert). And is one of The Wrestlers entered in The World Heavyweight Title Money In The Bank Match at The WWE Money In The Bank Pay Per View 11 days from now at The Wells Fargo Center in Phiadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Richard asks…

How do i cancel fandango tix???

can i cancel imax fandango tickets that i purchased?!?!? QUICKLY I NEED TO KNOW!! i just realized i had another commitment!!

Nagesh answers:

Last Revised: November 14, 2006

Our goal at Fandango is to make your movie-going experience as easy and efficient as possible. Our Purchase Policy is designed to provide you with the information you need to ensure a smooth transaction and trouble-free retrieval of your tickets once you get to the theatre. Please take a minute to read the following:

No Refunds or Exchanges
In accordance with our Terms of Use, Fandango does not offer refunds or exchanges of tickets purchased on the Fandango Web site or via phone (for example, from 1-800-FANDANGO, which is not available in Canada). In addition, tickets purchased through Fandango may be subject to a non-refundable per-ticket Convenience Charge. Before purchasing your tickets we urge you to confirm the title, time and location of the movie you wish to see.

At the time of your order, Fandango will place an order for your tickets in the theater’s ticketing system, reducing the number of seats available for the chosen show time. While this allows us to provide our customers with the clear benefit of guaranteed seats, it prevents Fandango and our theater partners from reselling tickets in the event that you do not attend your chosen show time.

If you cannot attend a show time for which you have purchased tickets, you may contact the appropriate theatre to inquire about their policy on refunds and exchanges. We strongly recommend that you contact the theater’s management prior to your show time, as they may not issue refunds or provide exchanges after show time. Any refund or exchange is at the discretion of theatre management and can only be conducted at the theater box office where you retrieve the tickets you purchased through Fandango.

Sorry kiddo

Chris asks…

How Does Fandango Work?

Yes I Am Retarded…Please Explain. Thanks!! <3 : )

Nagesh answers:

Go to http://www.fandango.com.
Enter your zip code.
Select a theater near you, or select a movie.
Then pick your show time and follow the instructions to buy online.
There’s a surcharge of about $2.
Print out your ticket. At the theater, go to customer service. They’ll scan your ticket and give you a normal movie ticket in exchange. Or, you can just bring your credit card and go to the machine to pick up your tickets when you get to the movies.
You can also just use it to find show times and buy your tickets in the theater like people did before Moviefone and its competitors.

None of the online movie ticket places work for all theaters. They usually let you find showtimes everywhere, but favor the theaters they have deals with. You can only buy movies from theaters they have deals with. If you don’t find your favorite theater on fandango, try these:
http://www.movietickets.com or
http://www.moviefone.com (this one is the original, but now AOL owns it)

Robert asks…

how does a fandango gift card work?

which movies will fandango gift card honor? is their a fee at the movies?

Nagesh answers:

How do I use my Fandango gift card?

Using your Fandango gift card is easy:

1. Visit www.fandango.com

2. Type your zip code or city in the ‘Find Theatres + Movie Times’ search box in the main navigation area of the Fandango site and click the arrow in the orange circle.

3. Find your movie at a theatre in the ‘Fandango Ticketing Theaters’ tab that offers online ticketing and click on a blue showtime to begin the purchase process.

4. Enter the type and total number of tickets you would like to purchase. Check the box labeled, “Check here to apply Fandango code or a gift card to this order.”

5. If you are a registered Fandango user, enter your email address and password in the boxes provided under the ‘Returning Customers’ Checkout option then click ‘Sign In.’ If you are new to Fandango select the ‘Guest Checkout’ option and click ‘Continue Checkout.’ After you have entered your email address on the following page, click ‘Continue Checkout’ again.

6. Enter your Digital Fandango gift code in the available field. Click ‘Apply’ and the value of your code will be deducted from your purchase total. Then click ‘Continue Checkout’.

*We recommend that you copy and paste the code to avoid errors.

7. Please note that if your purchase is more than the value of your Fandango gift code you will be required to enter billing information for the remaining balance of your transaction prior to completing the purchase.

8. Carefully review the details of your order on the ‘Review’ page before clicking on ‘Complete My Purchase’.

9. Instructions for picking up your tickets vary by theater. Please review the instructions on your order confirmation page carefully for specific details.

10. Enjoy the show!

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Your Questions About Direct2drive

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find a free full version download for Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri?

I tried to buy a copy of it but I can’t find it.

Nagesh answers:


Carol asks…

Any websites where I can pay and download Sims 2 Cast Away?

Nagesh answers:

Checkout direct2drive.com

Nancy asks…

where on the net is it SAFE SAFE SAFE to buy and download video games like grand theft auto or csi or res ev 4

im so tired of getting ripped off and then having to pay to clean out my pc from malware etc, im willing to pay for it cause i don’t have a clue how to use bit torrent and azerus etc., but im scared my computer will get infected. i love to play and had to sell my ps3 for last semesters books. help!!!

Nagesh answers:


Joseph asks…

Where can i Download F.E.A.R. Extraction Point?

I went to 2 gamestop stores and none of em sold F.E.A.R. Extraction Point
so i was searching the internet if there is any download for FEAR FULL VERSION.
i only found 1 download which was a virus. so can anyone please post a link to download the game?? Or possibly a torrent with MANY seeds??

Nagesh answers:


Charles asks…

Where can I download GTA SA edition 2 for pc?

I downloaded some files but they wre version 1


Nagesh answers:

Try direct2drive.com

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Your Questions About Fedex

Helen asks…

How late does Fedex Smartpost deliver?

My package has been “out for delivery” since 10:41am. It’s 2:22pm now
I ordered 2 novels and 1 manga (Japanese comic book) 1 novel is over a thousand pages, the other is about 350 pages. The manga is about 200 pages. Everything is supposed to be coming in one package. Im assuming it will be delivered to my house rather than the mail box… plus i already checked that… twice.
Earlier i saw USPS and Fedex Ground trucks driving around my neighborhood. I expected to have my package delivered then, but it wasn’t.
Maybe im just being too impatient…

Nagesh answers:

Fedex smartpost is not delivered by a Fedex truck. Fedex passes the package off to your local post office. If your mail has already been delivered today and you did not get the package, it is not coming today.

Mark asks…

In transit, FedEx?? HELP please?

Aug 25, 2010 7:29 AM Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST GROVE CITY, OH
Aug 25, 2010 1:56 AM Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST GROVE CITY, OH
Aug 23, 2010 12:00 AMShipment information sent to FedEx

Its “In Transit” ever since August 25th. And today its September 1st!!
How much longer should i have to wait???????????????????????????????

Nagesh answers:

Call FedEx, provide your tracking number and ask them for an update on your shipment. There could have been an issue with your address or they could be holding the package at a FedEx location near you.



Email: http://fedex.com/us/customersupport/email/index.html

Sandra asks…


How come FedEx hasn’t update my tracking information in 4 days?
It is August05 and FedEx has not updated the tracking information since August 1. The item remains in initiated and i havent get any information where my package is. It only saids “Shipment information sent to FedEx
Please check back later for shipment status or subscribe for e-mail notifications”

The order is by FedEx SmartPost

Nagesh answers:

What this means is : Where ever you ordered your item from has used an online program to print a address and postage label for your item, Unfortunately FedEx has not physically received that item yet for shipping. When FedEx does, you will see” Item received for shipping,” and then you will see “In Transit”. That will mean your item is on the way. In the mean time you may want to try refreshing the fedex page, or either call the place where you ordered or are receiving your package from.

Nancy asks…

is my FedEx package lost or what?

It says it was picked up on sunday then taken to a FedEx location then on monday morning it was shipped out and it says “in transit” it hasent shown up and hasnt been checked into a closer FedEx location in almost 72 hours. No other tracking info has been updated in almost 72 hours also. Whats going on? I uploaded a screenshot off my phone to show you what its telling me.

Nagesh answers:

No its not lost, it has departed the local fedex and is on its way to your cities local fedex facility to be sent to your door

72 hours of no update means its on the road and on a truck traveling to your states local fedex facility, this is completely normal to have no update for a few days as it travels from state to state, so dont worry, once it arrives at your cities local fedex, they will re scan it and it will say “arrived at destination”

This is what they mean

“Picked up” – means the package was picked up by fedex from the place you bought the item.

“Shipment information sent to fedex” – means that your shipping information ( your adress etc ) has been sent to fedex to be processed the delivery of your item to your door.

“Arrived at fedex location” – means that the package has arrived at the local fedex facility in that particular city and is getting ready to be shipped to its next destination.

“Departed fedex facilty” – means that the package has left that local fedex facility and is now enroute to the the next fedex facility, most likely the one in your city/ state.

Your item will go through another “arrived at fedex” and “departed fedex” once it arrives at the fedex in your city, which will then say “out for delivery”, the status will stay “in transit” until your package is at the local fedex in your city and is on the fedex truck to be delivered to your door.

David asks…

Fedex tracking info? please help?

Okay I ordered a package weighing 3.9 lbs from ccs.com
heres the tracking site:


The estimated delivery is the 13th, but that seems a little odd because I live one hour from warrendale, PA.
its in the same state not too far and its in transit

fedex smartpost

will I get it tommarow?
Its a birthday present.

Nagesh answers:

FedEx Smartpost is an integration service between FedEx and USPS in the US. Your package will be delievered by the post office:


You should get the package earlier than estimated date, given the location of the package. Check back tomorrow and see if additional information are posted.

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Your Questions About Directx

Nancy asks…

How to re-install DirectX?

I’m having a few dll files missing and need to re-install DirectX. The problem is I have no idea which is the latest version and where to download!

Nagesh answers:

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer 9.0c
Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows XP Service Pack 3
Click the Download button on this page to start the download, or choose a different language from the drop-down list and click Go.
Do one of the following:
To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.

James asks…

DirectX 8.0 for The Orange Box?

I have recently bought The Orange Box for the PC and I saw that I needed DirectX 8.0 or later…I can’t figure out where to download it…When I look for them, I download the 9.0c and I try to install it…I do, but then the games still say I need a 8.0 or later. Help.
O k, I did the 3D Test and all 3 test were successful…and i tried the game again…and it didnt work…
I am seeing this Error message right before Portal is done loading.

Nagesh answers:

Try running the DirectX Diagnostic Utility built into Windows. It will tell you if you’ve successfully installed DirectX 9.0c or not. The latest version is always backwards-compatible, so your game should work on 9.0c. That’s why it says 8.0 “or later.”

Click Start >Run then type dxdiag then hit enter.

That will run the utility. The first screen that comes up will show all kinds of interesting information about your system including what version of DirectX you’re currently using. From there you can go to the Display Tab and click the Test Direct 3D button to run a series of tests to make sure it’s all working correctly. Pay attention to what it says in the box on the bottom under “notes.” You want it to say “no problems found.” If all 3 tests run successfully, you know it’s not a problem with your DirectX. If you have problems, pay attention to what the notes say and see if you can determine what the problem is.

If all else fails, you can use DirectX Happy Uninstaller, which is a 3rd party program that can uninstall DirectX, something easier said than done most the time.

I hope this helps! Give me Best Answer please!

Mandy asks…

DirectX error?

When i start to play a game, an error msg comes saying directx error, 9.0c needed or Sometimes, directdraw error 9.0c needed.

When i checked dxdiag it showed that i have 9.0b. and in the directx file list “The file qasf.dll is an old version, which could cause problems” is stated.

I download and installed drectx 9.0c from Microsoft. It installs almost instantly. it even says that setup is complete. but dxdiag remains the same even after installation.The problem still exists.

I have tried many times to get my directX working. I cant even play a single game because of this. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem..


Nagesh answers:

You have to totally un-install your DirectX9.0b and DirectX9.0c. Installing one over the other might have corrupted the registry such that DXdiag remained as the older version.

Try these links how to uninstall DirectX:


or use DirectX Happy Uninstall 4.1


After all versions of DirectX had been uninstalled run CCleaner


This is a portable version, just extract, then click on CCleaner.exe. Click on Registry which should bring you to Registry Integrity. Click on Registry Integrity which would remove all the checkmarks for the selection below, then select “Missing Shared DLLs, Applications, Application Paths, Installer, Obsolete Software” then click on “Scan for Issues” button below. Once the scan is finished click ‘Fix selected issues.’ This should clear up the non-existent direct link libraries, and registry entries for DirectX. Close the application, then reboot your computer.

Once the computer is up again, do not open any other application, temporarily disable your anti-virus/anti-spyware software, then install a fresh copy of DirectX9.0c. After the DirectX completed the installation, reboot your computer again and it should show that you now have version 9.0c.

Donna asks…

How do i update DirectX?

I ended up over writing my current version of directX with v3.1 to play a old game and now i cant find the latest version anywhere so i cant play any of my games how do i update it?

Nagesh answers:

You can download and install the latest version of DirectX from www.microsoft.com/directx.

Microsoft updates DirectX on a schedule independent of its updates to Windows, and although some software setup CDs come with a version of DirectX, if you play video-intensive games or watch movies on your computer you’re better off getting the latest DirectX package directly from Microsoft. To find out what version of DirectX is installed on your computer, click Start, Run, and in the command box, type dxdiag and press Enter. On the System tab, near the bottom of the System Information list, you should see an entry labeled DirectX Version.

DirectX updates are usually not security-related fixes, so they will not be delivered through Automatic Updates, nor will they appear in the “High Priority” section in Windows Update. To check for a DirectX update, click Start, All Programs, Windows Update. Select Custom updates, and view any entries in the “Optional Software” category. Check and install DirectX if it appears.

Joseph asks…

what does directx audio mean?

I have just downloaded rpg maker xp and I have finished downloading it but when I click on it it says failed to initialize directx audio. What does it mean? and my computer is running windows 7 if it helps.

Nagesh answers:

What version of DirectX are you running?
Go to Start and in the “Search Programs and Files” box type in dxdiag .
Your installed version will appear at the bottom under “DirectX version”.

If it is not version 11, I would go and update to the latest version of DirectX here


If that does not help, let us know.


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Your Questions About Forever 21

Steven asks…

Interview at Forever 21..what to wear?!?

Ok so I’ve asked this interview question before, but that was for Nordstrom’s, a fancy store. (I have that interview tomorrow). But Tuesday I have a job interview at Forever 21 and because employees just wear whatever is in style, I was curious as to what do you think would be an appropriate outfit for an interview?

Also, possible tips on hair, jewelry, makeup?
Best answer will receive 10 points :-)

Nagesh answers:

Some thing from forever 21!! Something FUNKYYY!

Example- (doesnt have to be exact!)- http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=outwr%5Fjackets&product%5Fid=2050251057&Page=all (Unbuttoned on the first 3 buttons with a Funky Royale blue Tank under, and http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=btms%5Fjeans&product%5Fid=2053098603&Page=1 (white jeans)

wear funky flip flops or sandals (brown is ok, or whatever just dont mis match too bad)



Another option-


and the white jeans b/c they match

You get it? Funky sheik forever 21, act casual!! Wear not so much makeup. Wear ur hair down and bouncy!
Good luck!



Ken asks…

the shop forever 21…?

is there a shop similar to forever 21 in australia???

Nagesh answers:

Stores similar to Forever 21:

Wet Seal
Rue 21
Idk if you have any of those stores in Australia but those are kinda like forever 21! Good luck =D

Lisa asks…

Aeropostale to Forever 21?

I know people are going to answer that I should just go in the store and try them on, But, I live in Italy, I do not want to spend 80-150€ on a pair of pants. Thats anywhere from like 87$- 175$ (guess-timating). I wont be returning to the states for a while, so I can’t just try a pair on when I go back.

So I joined the wrestling team this past month and none of my jeans fit.. I was a 9/10s in Aeropostal, I am now a 3/4s. I bought all the cheap jeans for my size (a whole 2 pairs) I plan on keeping the weight off so I would like some more jeans. Does anyone know what size I would wear in Forever 21 jeans?

36″ Hips
28″ Waist

Nagesh answers:

Forever 21 sizes go by waist…so you’re a 28 waist, you’d be a 28 at Forever 21.

Hope this helps!

Linda asks…

Hot Topic or Forever 21 ?

I totally pick Forever 21 ;}

Nagesh answers:

Forever 21<3<3<3:D!(L)
i love it! There are SOOOO many cute things, and it's not expensive at all! I could live there!:) and it has a cool feel to it.
And hot topic . . . It scares me. I've been in there once. I could not leave faster.

William asks…

Return/Exchange Policy at Forever 21?

I bought a handbag this morning at Forever 21 and came home not liking it. Am I able to exchange it for something else or is it final sale?

Nagesh answers:

Some accessories from Forever 21 is final sale. I’m not sure if purses are apart of them but jewelry is. You should read the receipt if it isn’t considered final sale then you are able to exchange them but not your money back.

That’s a reason why I don’t shop at Forever 21, you can’t get cash back even if you pay cash…

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Your Questions About Directions

Sharon asks…

Vector direction question?

Given f(x, y, z) = (x^3) – 3xyz + (z^4), in what direction is f(x, y, z) increasing the most rapidly at the point P(1,-1,1)? What is its rate of increase in that direction?

Nagesh answers:

Calculate and evaluate the partial derivatives at P in each direction:

df/dx = 3*x^2 – 3yz = 3 + 3 = +6 at P

df/dy = – 3xz = – 3 at P

df/dz = 4*z^3 – 3xy = 4 + 3 = +7 at P

so f is increasing most rapidly in the z direction, at a rate of +7 units per time interval.

However, if the actual precise direction of maximum increase is required, the rate of change vector is df/dt = (6, -3, 7) giving a magnitude of
sqrt(36+9+49) = 9.70 in that direction.

Donald asks…

vector direction question?

Given f(x, y, z) = (x^3) – 3xyz + (z^4), in what direction is f(x, y, z) increasing the most rapidly at the point P(1,-1,1)? What is its rate of increase in that direction?

Nagesh answers:

Calculate and evaluate the partial derivatives at P in each direction:

df/dx = 3*x^2 – 3yz = 3 + 3 = +6 at P

df/dy = – 3xz = – 3 at P

df/dz = 4*z^3 – 3xy = 4 + 3 = +7 at P

so f is increasing most rapidly in the z direction, at a rate of +7 units per time interval.

However, if the actual precise direction of maximum increase is required, the rate of change vector is df/dt = (6, -3, 7) giving a magnitude of
sqrt(36+9+49) = 9.70 in that direction.

Mandy asks…

one directions start?

so i am confused did One Direction win the X factor in England or where ever they were?

Nagesh answers:

One Direction started of The X Factor, they came in third place, behind runner-up Rebecca Ferguson and winner Matt Cardle. Even though Simon Cowell, who was their mentor on the show, stated that he would only sign the winner, he ended up giving One Direction a record deal for £2 million, which is more than what the winner got, a £1 million recording contract.

Charles asks…

:S What is One Direction?

Who or what is One Direction???

Nagesh answers:

One Direction is a boy band from Britain that has recently become popular among teenage girls. It began as 5 young teens in the X-Factor that were told to participate as 1. After leaving the X-Factor, they released an album which has become very popular. The band’s popularity can also be attributed to the boys’ attractiveness. It consists of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan.

Sandy asks…

what is one direction?

what does everyone think of one direction?

Nagesh answers:

There a band personally I can’t stand them, a lot of fans that go to my school say they write their own songs and that their songs are amazing, but they don’t and they aren’t, I like bands who have enough talent to write their own lyrics and music, one direction are not one of those bands
So their lyrics don’t ‘speak’ to me, I think they’re letting everyone else do the work and then all they do is get up on stage and sing it

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Your Questions About Firefox

Robert asks…

Firefox 6 doesn’t work?

After just upgrading to Firefox 6, whenever I try to open the browser, no screen pops up. The process is still there when i use ctrl+alt+del, but there’s no window.

I’ve re-installed firefox and it still doesn’t work… help?

Nagesh answers:

Firefox 6 isn’t worth the upgrade time. (yuck)
I would delete Firefox off of your computer and reinstall Firefox 3.6

Steven asks…

Should I download Firefox 3 RC1?

I am currently using Firefox 2 and would like to know the disadvantages and advantages of Firefox 3 RC1. And if I decide to install do I need to uninstall Firefox 2?

Nagesh answers:

I like firefox, because of the many add-on’s.. I have found several good add-on’s, but discovered, that after I downloaded Firefox 3 , all my add-on’s did not work any more. Not compatable with Firefox 3. I therefore went back to Firefox 2 and will wait,untill the add-on’s also work under Firefox 3

Paul asks…

myspace not properly working with firefox 3?

I just download firefox 3 and for some reason i cant click nothin on myspace.I cant send messages,comments or friend requests.I have no problem doing it with firefox 2 though.Is there anyway I can fix this problem?

Nagesh answers:

Uninstalled Firefox 3 and Re-Install Firefox 2: http://www.filehippo.com/download_firefox/download/3c7886178fc65adcbb827c77ad2d7d3e/

I use to have Firefox 3, and I had alot of problems with it, so I went back to Firefox 2.


Susan asks…

firefox crash problem?

I have firefox 12.0 installed as my browser. It often crashes and prompts me to restart firefox. What is the problem and how could I fix it?

Nagesh answers:

Run Firefox safe mode by pressing Alt or click on the orange Firefox tab if it is visible. Go to Help > Restart Firefox with add-ons disabled > Reset all preferences to Firefox defaults > Make changes and restart.

See if that matters.

You may also check which of your add-ons is causing the browser to crash by disabling everything and enabling them one at a time.

Sharon asks…

Firefox keeps crashing…?

I’m on Vista and lately Firefox has been crashing several times a day.

Nagesh answers:

Close Firefox and then run” Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)” given in

start menu –>All programs–>Mozilla Firefox–>Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)

Try to un-install or disable all Add-ons. If Firefox run in it’s safe mode then ur fox have no serious problem. Other wise un-install it and install a clean installation of Firefox :-)

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