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Your Questions About Directx

Mark asks…

Need directx Help!!!!!?

My computer had crash and i think that the virus has killed my directx. I tryed to download it from microsoft, about 4 times but it does not leave any sort of trace or icons behind. It restart the computer for me and when i start it back up is gone like nothing has ever happened. Is there a file i con download that is not just an update, but the whole program or what can i do to make this work….?

Nagesh answers:

Use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to determine the version of DirectX that is installed on your computer, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. Type dxdiag, and then click OK.
3. On the System tab, note the version of DirectX displayed on the DirectX Version line.
4. On the DirectX Files tab, check the version information for each DirectX file.
5. When you are finished checking file versions, click Exit.
If Windows cannot find the dxdiag program, DirectX version 5.0 or earlier is installed on your computer. If this is the case, download and install the current version of DirectX.

To download the latest version fo DirectX, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


After you download and install the latest version of DirectX, you should also visit the following Microsoft Windows Update Web site to see if DirectX updates are available:


DirectX (Home User)

John asks…

Warcraft 3 Reign of chaos-Directx?

I have Directx10 but when i play a game, it says i need to download directx 8.1 or higher. so i did. again. but then when i tried again, it still says i need to download it. how do i fix this?

Nagesh answers:

Directx 10 is supported by vista and all lower than that is compatble with xp. You will have to unistall the directx 10 drivers and install driectx 9.1 for it to work because it is such an old game!!! And if you have problems with directx 9 rollback drivers to directx 10!

William asks…

how to using directx 10 ?

how does directx 10 work for halo 2 pc?
i download it one day,but i don’t know how to use it for halo 2.
does it improve grahipcs on the game?

Nagesh answers:

DirectX 10 is a feature in Vista (and only in Vista- all games running under XP are limited to DirectX 9). It makes some effects like smoke & water animations look better.

See comparison here:


Of course this requires a video card with DirectX 10 hardware support. Nvidia’s Geforce series 8 and later cards support Direct 10. On the ATI Radeon side, the HD2400 and later support DirectX 10.

Carol asks…

how can i download directx 8?

i can’t find it, and theres directx 10, but i need 8. Please help.

Nagesh answers:

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer Windows XP, XP 64-bit, Vista (all versions), Windows Server 2003 9.0
The Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX — the core Windows® technology that drives high-speed multimedia and games on the PC.-




DirectX Drivers (Windows 98/Me) 8.1-


Microsoft DirectX Drivers (Windows 95) 8.0a –

Mandy asks…

DirectX 10?For Real?

I was told to update to DirectX9.0c higher, and i went in to microsoft.com to look for the LATEST DirectX, and i end up with this DirectX End-User which stated that it’ll updates DX9.0c and give better gaming performance.After installing,things work badly.i tried to install some old games eg The Godfather, but it pop up a window asking me to update my DirectX to at least 9.0c or higher.Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my DirectX?or is it my previous installation of DirectX from Microsoft is a fake?or unsuitable?Im using XP by the way,with GeForce 8600 GT
I did try to install the DirectX from the game disc, and i’ve also run the “dxdiag” and it stated that my DirectX IS 9.0c, everything running good from the results.But when i try installing the game again,same thing happen,a window pop up asking me to get the latest DirectX in order for the game to continue installation.WHY?WHY?Pls HELP…

Nagesh answers:

Make sure your DirectX is working correctly. In the Start menu, click Run and type “dxdiag” (no quotes) in the text field and click OK. After the diagnostic runs, make sure on the General tab that the correct version of DirectX is installed (9.0c) and on the Display tab make sure the DirectX features are enabled. If you still have problems, check the support sites for your games (and the typical problems like device driver errors, Windows updates, etc.).

Also, in regards to DirectX 10: it is only available on Windows Vista.

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Your Questions About Food Network

Thomas asks…

Articles on the Food Network’s conversion to male chefs?

In recent years the Food Network has converted much of it’s programming to male-hosted shows. I cannot however seem to find any articles or scholarly works on the topic. Can you help?

Nagesh answers:

I would doubt if there are any articles, it was probably just a corporate decision made in camera to avoid any charges of sexism.

Steven asks…

What is this recipe from food network’s best thing i ever ate?

I saw this on food network‘s best thing i ever ate, i really want the recipe. It was sourdough bread that had chocolate in the middle. The chocolate was put in the middle and the bread was folded on top of it then it was baked. I reallly want itttt. It was basically a chcolate bed

Nagesh answers:

It might have been chocolate French toast or a chocolate croissant

Richard asks…

What channel is food network with dish network?

I’m stayin with my dad tonight and my favorite show is on jn an hour and I don’t know what channel food network is on with dish network?

Nagesh answers:

The Food Network is channel 110! I hope you found it in time for your favorite show!

Mary Catherine Brady
DISH Network Customer Support

Laura asks…

What happens to the food on Food Network?

This is kind of a silly question, but I’m curious….what happens to all of the food that is prepared in the shows on the Food Network. I’m assuming that Someone eats it, but who? None of the hosts are corpulent enough to have consumed that much food. So if any of you know… :-p thanks!

Nagesh answers:

I agree with the others in that it’s either the cast or crew, and I hope they give it to shelters or soup kitchens etc that would be a great idea. But i remembered the seinfeld rant about cooking shows, I’ll go look it up so i can quote it correctly… Ah here we go:

“I will never understand why they cook on TV. I can’t smell it. Can’t eat it. Can’t taste it. The end of the show they hold it up to the camera, “Well, here it is. You can’t have any. Thanks for watching. Goodbye.”

hahaha love it :D

Mandy asks…

Who was kicked off The Next Food Network Star?

I had an issue come up and missed the last 15 minutes of the Next Food Network Star. So who was kicked out? I think it should have been Debbie from what I saw.

Nagesh answers:

Yes, it was Michael. Neither he nor Debbie did well in the challenge. Debbie finally showed her true colors…and it wasn’t pretty! I’m hoping she’s the next to go. I’m glad Melissa spoke up after Debbie tried to say SHE was the only one to stay in the kitchen the whole night. It’s gonna be tough to choose who I want to be the winner the most…I really like Melissa, Jamika, and Jeffrey.(not necessarily in that order)

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Your Questions About Direct Tv Customer Service

Laura asks…

Which is better–C Band, 4DTV, Direct TV, or Dish Network?

I was wondering which is better for more channels, price, and will be around for a long period of time. I have C Band. If I go with the 4DTV if will need to repalce 450 feet of coax, buy a receiver, and KU Band. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Nagesh answers:

I like Direct TV, just becase Dish Network’s customer service stinks. Those are the only two available in my area.

Maria asks…

Who thinks Direct tv service sucks?

Nagesh answers:

I have had Adelphia Digital Cable and DirecTV and the DirecTV service and customer service has been WAY better for me. The picture quality has been better than digital cable too..

Paul asks…

Dish Network or Direct TV?

Which do you like best? My neighbor has Dish Network and it’s awesome.

Nagesh answers:

I have to go with Direct TV as well. Just as the guy above me said I would lose my darn signal all the time with Dish. Since I’ve had Direct TV it’s only happened one time. Also, I was very turned off when I went to cancel my Dish Network as how badly they bad mouthed Direct TV. They even went so far as to lie trying to get me to stay with them and not switch to Direct TV. It was low class and unnecessary in my opinion and really turned me off to their company. I am a big customer service person and that did me in.

I have been really happy with Direct TV and have had no problems. The installation guys were awesome and their customer service has been great! =)


Linda asks…

Does Direct TV offer better service than Dish Network?

Our cable was torn and I scheduled an appointment for today. I was told that it would be between 8AM and 12PM today. The tech called last night and said we have to make sure that someone is home during that time. Now he just called and gave me some story that he’s overworked and he won’t be here until 3PM, if at all…is Direct TV any better?
The cable that goes from the dish to the house was torn by a lawnmower

Nagesh answers:

Well – be careful here.

Both Dish and Direct use local ‘contractors’ to do the installs. I have been very pleased with the last 2 service calls I have had from the Dish guy. But non of them actually work for “Dish” or “Direct”.

The cable guy … Well you might want to watch some episodes of “Undercover Boss”. Because of some of the exposure – the service guys are now given iPads with special software that charts their movement and makes sure they are actually at a customers house. Many of them were scheduling 2-hour service calls, doing the work in 10 minutes and then taking a nap/hitting a strip-club, etc.

In truth – A install can take 20 minutes at one house and 2 hours at another. A lot of it depends on the home-owners setup and what needs to be done. Your cable guy may truthfully have gotten hit with several extra long service calls.

When my last Dish service guy showed up to replace my receiver – he found:

* Ladder positioned to give him access to my dish
* Equipment rack pulled out to expose back connections
* Back of rack was vacuumed and equipment dusted.
* Offers of Soda and Gatoraid

He cut and replaced the connections on both ends of the Coax, installed the new receiver and was in and out in about 20 minutes. (He did refuse the use of my ladder and used his own which I admit was better.)

But if I needed a new dish or the coax was rotten and needed replacing – he could have been there for an hour or two.

So …try to get an early – morning appointment it minimize your wait. And be nice to the guy – you dont know what kind of crap he was literally crawling through at the previous stops.

Jenny asks…

Which service is better? Comcast or Direct Tv?

Nagesh answers:

I’d say neither. After talking (or trying to talk to) snotty, lazy customer service people from both companies, I went with Dish. Lower pricing and someone who is actually nice and willing to help sealed the deal!

Comcast has since called several times trying to get us to switch back; no go. Can’t treat your customers like crap and expect them to come running back. I got a whole lot more for the same money and have nice people to answer my questions now.

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Your Questions About Fedex

Maria asks…

why is my package from fedex scheduled for delivery next tuesday when its in the same state?

Okay my package came from Kansas City and it arrived at Fedex in Dallas, Texas. It says it will arrive on August 24. I live in Houston, Texas and thats a 5 hour trip by car. Whats the deal? Oh and if it says it is in Houston, Is it possible for me to pick it up? If so what do i need?

Nagesh answers:

At the Dallas terminal, the package will be sorted with the Houston packages and will be loaded onto a truck. From there, the driver will head toward Houston, may make stops at other FedEx terminals along the way, and deliver the load to the Houston Fedex terminal.

At Houston, they will sort the packages by address, and load the package onto a delivery truck. The delivery truck driver will deliver it to you when he gets to your part of his route.

The reason it says Tuesday is because FedEx doesn’t deliver on the weekend unless you pay extra for that service, and because along with your one package, there are hundreds of thousands of other packages to handle, too.

If you have the FedEx terminal stop the package and hold it so you can pick it up, it will take longer. They will have to stop the delivery, locate your package, bring it back to the terminal, set it up for pickup instead of delivery, etc. Be faster to let it just be delivered.

- Stuart

Paul asks…

What are the possible promotion options for a part-time FedEx Ground package handler?

My main concern is getting more tuition assistance. As of now, my hub only offers $1,500 towards tuition. I want to stay with FedEx but I know that UPS now offers $4,000 a year towards tuition. I know some places offer more assistance to those who are “package handling trainers” and/or supervisor’s, but do not know if FedEx Ground does this. Any help please?

Nagesh answers:

Fedex express gives 3k a year. If ups offers that get ready to work your butt off they are bulk load!!! And I don’t think they are hiring right now.

Helen asks…

Fedex shipping qestion?

Right now I’m trying to ship something and I plan to go through fedex. I’m looking for nearest fedex locations using there official site. When looking for locations theres “fedex staffed” “fedex kinkos” “self service” “fedex authorize ship center” theres a fedex I know nearby but on the site it says that fedex is a “fedex staffed” does that mean I cant go there to get my item shipped? am I only supose to go to “fedex authorize ship center” when I need to ship something?


Nagesh answers:

Fedex staff means that location is staffed with employess who are fedex
same with the kinkos there is uusally a fedex shipping specialsit at
all fedex kinko
self service just means there is a drop box at this location
an authorized ship center (this mean the store is not controlled by fedex
(like a Mailbox etc store) and might charge you more for shipping
but they can and will accpect fedex shipping
so you can go to either a Fedex stafff or Fedex kinkos (now called
Fedex office) to ship something

Charles asks…

Why did fedex arrive so soon?

I ordered a package from Hawaii on the 17th and got it yesterday why was it so fast. Does fedex have cargo planes leaving Hawaii daily which is why i go tit so soon or is it possible they have warehouses with their product stored somewhere in the country??

Nagesh answers:

Fedex doesn’t run other companies warehouses.
Fedex is the *courier*. They *carry* the package from your *shipper* to *you*.
Your *shipper* might have warehouses on the mainland (its very possible indeed…)

Get the tracking number for the package, and check the Fedex website – - you will be able to see where (and when) the package was picked up by Fedex. And very likely a few of the points it touched along the way to you.

Joseph asks…

Are FedEx orders usually on time?

I checked the tracking # for an order I have and it says it is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” and Estimated delivery Dec 19, 2008 by 3:00 PM. I don’t usually get anything from FedEx and I was wondering if they are usually one time, I have to leave home at 3:00 pm and am really needing the package today!
Sorry if this is in the wrong category, there’s not really a category for shipping info!

Nagesh answers:

FedEx is very good about on time arrival of shipments.
If delivery is by 3 pm today then it means FedEx can deliver the package anytime between 8 am and 3 pm and have the package be considered on time.
If you are not at home when the package arrives the driver will leave a note with a phone number to call.
I would advise calling FedEx. Explain your situation. FedEx may be able to get the driver to arrive before 3 pm. Make sure you have your
FedEx tracking number when you call. The phone number for FedEx is

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Your Questions About Direct Loan Servicing

James asks…

Direct Loans Billing Statement…?

I just received a billing statement from Direct Loans (Student Loans) and it’s asking for a payment? I just started college and I’m on the Standard Repayment Plan. Why is it asking me for payment (200 dollars!) Do I just ignore this letter until I graduate?

Also, for some reason it’s says “NET DISBURSEMENT ACTIVITY $4,000.00″. That should not be there, I don’t know why it added extra money. Does anyone have any idea why it’s there?
Turns out it was a loan for my parents which makes it even worse.

Nagesh answers:

You should never disregard a legitimate bill. Often, it will just cost you more later (late fees and penalties) and be more difficult to fix.

I assume this is for a direct Stafford loan. You should notify Direct Loans that you are in school. It may require that you complete an “in-school deferment form” and submit that to Direct Loan Servicing.

If you can – show the bill to your financial aid office and ask them for direction. As long as you remain in school at least 1/2 time or more – you can defer your federal student loans.

Paul asks…

old student loan????

i was 17 years old a minor when this loan was taken out and my grandmother was the primary its been 15 years and know there going after my tax return what should i do i dont even have the origanal contract and my grandmother has long since passed the school closed befor i could even finnish and they where supposed to find me job placement but the shut down and folded up there tents this has been hauntingh me for 15 years and could realy use some help what can i do please if u can or refer me to some one who can i feel i should not have to pay this of because i was a minor ??? thank u edmund brunning

Nagesh answers:

Closed School

If you received a Federal Perkins Loan Direct Loan or FFEL Program Loan on or after January 1, 1986, you may qualify for a Closed School discharge if you (or the student for whom a parent received a PLUS loan) could not complete the program of study for which the loan was intended because the school at which you (or student) were enrolled, closed while you were in attendance, or you (or student) withdrew from the school, or were on an approved leave of absence, not more than 90 days prior to the date the school closed. You must not have completed the program of study through a teach-out at another school or by transferring academic credits or hours earned at the closed school to another school.

If your loan is discharged, you will not owe any more payments on the loan, and you will get a refund of payments you made in the past. Also, if the loan is discharged, the servicing agency will tell credit reporting agencies that the loan was discharged, and any adverse credit history resulting from nonpayment of the discharged loan will be deleted. In addition, your discharged loan will not prevent you from applying for federal student financial aid.

If you believe that a school you attended may have closed, you may be able to use the Closed School Database to confirm this and to determine the date the school closed. Please note that the closed school list includes only schools that at one time participated in the federal student aid programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education. A closed school that never participated in the programs administered by the Department will not be on this database.

Please visit our Closed School Information section for more information on this topic.

You may request an “Loan Discharge Application: School Closure” by clicking here or by contacting us to request an application.

Daniel asks…

Confused about Direct Loan Subsidized, PLZ help?

So i took out a loan for college, direct subsidized loan for 3500..the interest starts like this…This loan is based on financial need. The federal government pays the interest on the loan while the student attends school. The variable interest rate is adjusted each year. For the Academic Year 2010 – 2011, the rate is 4.5%. Borrowers are charged an origination fee of 1.0%, less a rebate of 0.5%, for total fee of 0.5%.

now my question, is the interested computer yearly so each yr it would be 4.8% times 3500 unless the interest rate changes? and secondly, who do i have to pay this loan to after i graduate? please help me out, i am very confused
Hey,,, Thanks alot i was really confused but now i got it. so Basicall after this grace period i have to pay the Dept. Of Education only $3500.. the amount does not change, right? because i would think the principle amount changes.

Nagesh answers:

When you graduate(or drop out, or go below half time), you have a grace period of like, six months, then you have to start paying back the loan. The loan amount that you will owe at that time will still be $3500. You don’t accrue interest on it while you are in school. The government pays the bank the interest while you are in school. So even though the interest rate may change, you don’t have to worry about it. If you take out unsubsidized loans, then they will accrue interest. When you graduate, you will probably have multiple loans, so you will consolidate them at that time, and get a fixed interest rate at that time. As for who you pay the loan to, they usually have you pick a bank. But there are companies who ‘service’ the loan for the banks who are financing them. These are really the people and websites you deal with. You can call your school and ask them, or you can just wait until you get the loan statement in the mail. Two major ones are the EAS or SAF. They usually send them out once a semester. But the bank you currently have the loan with will probably sell your loan to another bank, so the bank may change while you are in school. But when you consolidate your loans, you can do it through the Department of Education, so you will pay them, or whatever private bank you might choose.

Helen asks…

Does prepaying some of a PLUS loan reduce the overall amount paid in the long run?

My dad says prepaying on a PLUS loan shortens the length of repayment, but does not reduce the overall cost paid. I disagree with him and think that prepaying on a PLUS loan both shortens the length of repayment AND reduces the overall cost paid. Who is correct?
I understand that prepaying pays down the accrued interest, but does that mean it does not get rid of the principal? Prepaying CAN get rid of the principal, right (even though it might take a lot of money to do so)?

Nagesh answers:

I have the exact answer you need. I worked for Direct Loans for 7 years servicing Parent PLUS loans. The answer to this question applies to Stafford loans too.

First: you need to understand that interest accrues daily. Every day, even when your loan is prepaid.Prepaid means you made extra payments previously so you do not have to make any payments for now. (example monthly pyment for June is $50, you send $200 and it gets posted on 06/15/07. Now if you choose to prepay your loan, your payment covered June, July, Augut and Sept. Your next payment is due in Oct for $50.00. Your $200.00 payment covered any interest you accrued from the date of your May payment thru 06/14/07. Now because you choose to preay your loan and interest accrues daily, your next payment due on 10/15/07 is stil l$50.00, however, you will first pay any interest your loan accrued from 06/15/07 thru 10/14/07.

This is why Prepay is not always smart. It works best for those who may be out of teh country for a couple months and will be be available to make their payments on time.

My suggestion is this: If you have the funds to make a large payment, then do so! You cut down your PBO and therefor have a smaller balance to accrue interest on. BUT keep making your monthly payments. That is how you will pay down your loan quicker.

Donna asks…

direct parent plus loan?

I have borrowed under the direct parent plus loan program from fedloan servicing.
If I change repayment plans to lower monthly payments, then is it possible to change it back again at a later time? I guess what I’m asking is, is there a limit to how many times you can change repayment plans?

Thanks in advance for any help.
I wanted to change to lower monthly payments for the time being because I am tight w/ money right now. Changing to lower monthly payments means that I will pay more interests in the long run, though, so once I can find a way to earn more money then I wanted to change it back to the higher payment.

However, you are completely correct that I could just pay more amounts once I do earn more money instead of going through the hassle of changing it back again. I did not think about that possibility.

Nagesh answers:

Why would you want to change it to higher payments?
Are you aware that you can just pay extra towards a loan on your own?

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Your Questions About Fox News

James asks…

Why do people want to tell fox news what to broadcast?

If they do not broadcast what you wish to hear, you already don’t watch it aren’t you?

Why do people want to tell fox news what to broadcast and if it doesn’t fit them they say its right-wing propaganda tv?

Propaganda show one side, fox news doesn’t do that even if anarchists and liberals say they do.

Nagesh answers:

People that are afraid of the truth do not like Fox news. They pull no punches. Sometimes they take the wrong path, but have been known to correct thier mistake. They are not afraid to take on any issue. Thats what scares people that want to hide facts.

Mary asks…

What happened to the talking heads on Fox News friday night?

Friday night, after the release of the report where Palin was found guilty of abuse of power in trooper-gate, Fox News talking heads Bill O’reilly, Sean Hannity, and Gretta Van Sustran were all MIA!

I think they were on a conference call with the McCain camp getting their talking points: what do you think?

Nagesh answers:

I was thinking the exact same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were busy trying to figure out if they should continue on their extreme Obama smear campaign or just act more “balanced” now that it seems Obama is running away with the win.

With Fox News I never cease to be amazed how terrible and unprofessional their reporting is. They call themselves “Fair and Balanced” and use the slogan “We Report. You Decide.” but their reporters so often inject their own personal opinions and feelings into what they are reporting. It’s very hypocritical.

And when they sit around the couch with others they often throw around their opinions so much that I often forget I am watching what is supposed to be the news and feel more like I am watching a gossip/talk show.

If you watch their channel lately it seems that ten minutes won’t pass that they don’t directly or indirectly say something bad about Obama. I mean of course they should report anything bad about anyone but it is far too obvious already that they have some sort of agenda going on. At this point it is so blatantly obvious that all those Fox News defenders/apologists you see around the net look like fools for their “Fox News is not biased” or “Fox News is the only fair news out there” comments.

Unfortunately, their overly anti-Obama stance and side comments will surely get worse as election day gets closer. =(

Steven asks…

What Will Our Future Generation’s Think of Fox News Channel will it be compared with Evil Propaganda?

Many today despise Fox News Broadcasting as totally despicable and dishonest lacking in facts and balance.

What will future generation’s be reading about Fox New’s of the 90′s-00′s?

Even today people hate it so in the future people might think wow american’s were really dumb back then like when we look back at slavery an stuff an bad stuff we did in the past today.

Nagesh answers:

From your spelling and grammar, I assume you’re a proud product of the public schools.

Future generations will see Fox News as intelligent people see it today: the only unbiased news source in the mainstream media.

Lisa asks…

What network is as biased to the Left as Fox News is biased to the Right?

Is there any news network that is AS biased to the Left as Fox News is to the Right?

Nagesh answers:

Fox News is for Republicans what MSNBC is for Democrats.

MSNBC got their @sses handed to them for YEARS by Fox News. So they decided to just adopt the Fox News business model (put partisan shills on TV and call it a “news” network).

CNN, on the other hand, has mastered the art of fluff journalism. It’s why their ratings are going down. Nobody wants to watch watered down quasi entertainment stories being passed off as news. They try to cast themselves as being in the “center” because they have partisan hacks from BOTH sides on TV bloviating when they talk politics.

Daniel asks…


Can you guys talk about your opinions about Fox News.
Their bias..etc

Nagesh answers:

Fox News is rated #1 news program in our country! Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and Sarah Palin have books that have remained #1 on the New York Times Best Seller’s List and all three books have competed for the number 1 position since the beginning of summer!

President Obama has chosen Fox News as a “Fall Guy” or “Scapegoat” for his own inadequacies as President! He needed to target something or someone.

President Obama came in as a king…literally..like royalty! However, even the liberal news has reported his failings!

Up until a month ago, Obama was stunned/shocked to hear that the majority of our country is watching Fox News now and will not watch the liberal networks because of being fed bull crap for 20 years now.

In Washington DC in the political arena, this kind of publicity is only hurting Obama not Fox News!

Of course, I know my answer will not be chosen as the BEST.
However, it is the TRUTH.

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Your Questions About Direct2drive

David asks…

PC Gaming Direct2Drive?

I purchased a game on Direct2Drive..downloaded it, played it, and closed teh game. Came back to play it today, and there is no icon to launch the game anywhere. Help! Toshiba 2009 Satellite laptop WIndows 7

Nagesh answers:

Hi there!

Unfortunately there isn’t much info to go on here on a forum, little info and you are asking a question only you can answer: “where is the game on my computer”. Look on your hard drive for the game? Try reinstalling it again and watch closely and see what folder it goes into?

Your first choice in a place for help by the way should be the site you bought from:


Hope this helps!

Michael asks…

Direct2drive.com questions?

I personally do not like all the restrictions that steam puts on all its games so I’m thinking of getting my games from direct2drive.com.
1) Is it safe and trustworthy?
2) Do the games install under c:/games (which is what I want) or does it use its own directory like steam?

Nagesh answers:

Direct2Drive is owned by GameFly. Previously owned by Fox News Corp and IGN Entertainment. Trustworthy, absolutely.

When you download your game, you control where it installs. You have the file you downloaded and can decide when and where it installs.

Hope this helps!

Helen asks…

is direct2drive safe to download from?

well i want to buy penumbra for the pc but there isnt a store in my town that sells it, and direct2drive is the quickist way to get it so i was wondering if its a scam or a legit website

Nagesh answers:

It seems perfectly safe. No malware, phishing, or any other warnings.

Website status:




Go for it

Lizzie asks…

Direct2Drive is giving me problems?

I’m trying to download KOTOR from Direct2Drive but it’s giving me the “Unable to save credit card. Please contact customer service.” crap. I quadruple checked that all of my information was right…and naturally, I can’t find my way around customer service for help on this (Plus, I heard it was crappy anyway). Help and suggestions, please?

Nagesh answers:

Hi Deven,

Yahoo is not the place to ask about your credit card. Your personal information is not for public forums.

Try http://support.direct2drive.com

There is a Contact Us button on the front page.

If you want to know how the support there is rated, check here: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Direct2Drive

Hope this helps!

Donald asks…

Direct2Drive won’t work?

when i tried to install tropico 3 after buying it on direct2drive it wont work in the download manager I tried to from the website on the browser it says i can but there is no link and i have no idea how. please help omg pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Nagesh answers:

Hi John,

Your description here doesn’t have enough info to really provide any good suggestions. Please head over to support for Direct2Drive. We have FAQs and CSRs to help you.



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Your Questions About Fafsa

Robert asks…

If you have a sibling that filled out FAFSA, is there anyway to transfer the information?

Both my brother & sister formerly filled out the FAFSA and now it’s my turn, but my brother told me that I don’t need to fill it out since he’s already done so. Does anybody know how to transfer the information?

Nagesh answers:

You need to complete the FAFSA with your information and your parents’ information. Each person applies for financial aid using his/her own information, not that from a sibling If you use your sibling’s information, it could delay or even halt the processing of a financial aid application you submitted to a college.

Please complete the FAFSA with your information. I had a student use his sibling information, under the same premise, and it messed up his financial aid big time.

Jenny asks…

Question about FAFSA…?

Hello…im going to be attending college in fall of 2011. When do i need to fill in the FAFSA for that time period? Does the FAFSA application open in January? Im Confused…Please help. Thanks.

Nagesh answers:

FAFSA. Free application for federal student aid.http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

What is federal student aid: It includes grants, work study and loans. Filling out the FAFSA you are applying for all the federal aid listed on this page, plus others certain states and colleges have individually: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/what010.htm

When FAFSA? Jan 1 of the year you will need it.You have the option on the FAFSA to do an estimate FAFSA using the previous years taxes and send it through. Then ASAP when you can you do the taxes for that year and go on the FAFSA home page under #3 where it says make corrections and put in the actual tax information. For example, my daughter was attending Fall 2010. On Jan 1 we did the FAFSA as an estimate using our 2008 taxes, then as soon as we got or W2s and did our taxes for 2009 we made the corrections on the FAFSA. Why file an estimate: Because colleges are all given so much grant/work study money and its given to students first come, first serve, even if you qualify if you file later, it may be gone. So file early!

How much do you get: Federal aid is offered given to students based on their financial need. Your financial need is determined based on the questions you are asked on the FAFSA which will be about income, amount in banks, property owned, stocks and the like, as well as questions about your current home situation, how many, how many in college at the same time etc. These questions will determine your financial need. They use all the info to determine your EFC, estimated family contribution which is the amount of money your family is expected to pay for your college because they can afford that based on your financial picture. This EFC amount is subtracted from the cost of the attendance (also called school budget) and the result of this is your financial need. COA/student budget is tuition, books, travel personal expenses, housing, fees. You can get an estimate here: http://www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov/F4CApp/index/index.jsf Even if you do not qualify for federal grants or work study you may qualify for federal loans which most all students have. This EFC and recap of your FAFSA will be put in a report called SAR, student aid report. You get an email this is ready in a week or two if you did it online and it can be viewed on the FAFSA home page #3.

The only way you will know what federal aid you qualify for is the colleges you listed on the FAFSA will be sent your SAR and a financial aid award created for you based on your financial need. Each college award will be different, as the cost of attendance is different, colleges have their own aid to offer, and when you apply makes a difference in what aid they have available to offer. You need to look at all the offers. If your federal aid grants, work study and federal loans do not cover your cost of attendance you will need to get a private loan to cover the rest like from a bank, so it may be smarter to pick a cheaper college where you need the least loans

How do you get your aid once you accept it: It gets deposited into your college account, usually by semester not all at once on certain disbursement dates your school has where everyone will get their money disbursed on a certain day. We applied Jan 1 2010, school started 9-1, our semester federal aid was disbursed 8-25. The colleges takes out their charges for housing, meals, tuition, and fees. We did have money left over and if you do you get a refund either a check or card system depending on the school, and we got that a week after school started by card system. Use that refund if any for books, materials etc.

Helpful sites:
All questions FAFSA, financial aid: http://www.finaid.org/


Click BEGIN THE PRESENTATION: http://www.nextstudent.com/financial-aid-tutorial/financial-aid-tutorial.asp#


Does your state/program participate in out of state tuition for instate cost: http://www.sreb.org/page/1304/academic_common_market.html



Mary asks…


first, is fafsa a loan or free money like grant?
or where do i apply for grant?
second, my parents don’t work in the us. therefore they dont have income tax…
so can i still apply for fafsa?
only i am a citizen of us, my parents aren’t but they have greencard/social security number. but how can i apply if we don’t turn in/have the tax return form?

Nagesh answers:

The fafsa is the beginning process for all federal and state grants, as well as federal student loans, parent loans and work study.

Yes, you can still fill out a fafsa. To apply, you go to http://fafsa.ed.gov and answer the questions. If Your parents live and work in another country, that is okay!!!

Your parents will have some sort of an income tax turn in THAT country as well. (No country in the world doesn’t require taxes of it’s citizens!!!). Have the folks get you their tax returns for 2009 and then you will report that income on your fafsa, it will also ask how much tax liability they had. Have them sign it and send a copy of it to you (you will likely have to turn it into your schools fin aid office).

If they can’t get a PIN number (due to not having a valid SSN) then they can physically SIGN your fafsa signature page (with a pen) and mail it into fafsa.

Ken asks…

What is a FAFSA???????????????

My mother having me filling out an application online about FAFSA. Is this going to help me pay for a college I wanna go to?

I filled out this application last week on the 1st of Oct. This letter that came threw the mail from FAFSA telling me my name, date of birth and SS number has been verified with the SS Administration and my PIN has been confirmed. I don’t know if it means I’m eligible or not. I haven’t fill out an application for the college I wanna go to yet. I don’t know if I should’ve fill out the application for college before I apply for FAFSA or after.

Nagesh answers:

FAFSA stands for “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” and is an application to see if you qualify for money to help you go to school. SOme of the money you might get is free, some of the money you get may be loans and some of the money you might get may be earned through you working.

If you had actually filled out the fafsa, you would have received an SAR in the mail letting you know if you qualified for the PELL Grant.

To check if you actually submitted your fafsa (and not just applied for a PIN number – which is what it sounds like you actually did) go to https://fafsa.ed.gov/FOTWWebApp/AppStatServlet and enter your info it. If it says “Application not found” then you just applied for a PIN and didn’t actually complete the fafsa. To complete the fafsa you would have entered your and your Mom’s income information from the previous tax year.

Your school of choice is who actually sends you your award letter (letting you know how much aid you qualify for). So yeah, you’d need to apply for admission and get accepted before you will know if it will pay for some or all of your school.

Mark asks…

When to fill out for FAFSA?

I graduate from high school May of 2012, when do you suggest I fill out for FAFSA? Can I fill out now?
Will Financial Aid pay for all my expenses such as living cost?
Well for EFC? Idk, I know my mom ( who I live with has no job) so would I still owe money?

Nagesh answers:

When to file: FAFSA needs to be filed every year. It becomes available Jan 1 every year. We do ours Jan 1 every year. The earlier you do it the more you maximize your award. Colleges are given limited funding from the govt for federal aid. Some types are given first come first serve. So even if you qualify if you do qualify if you file later it may be given to students who filed early and you will not get it. Many students wait for their parents to do their taxes. You do not have to do that. On the FAFSA form there will be a question about if you filed taxes like filed, will file, will not file. You choose will file. Then you use the completed taxes from the previous year to do the FAFSA as an estimate and submit it. Then as soon as you can get the current year taxes done and then log back onto your FAFSA and it will say make corrections. You click on that and then change the tax question to filed and then put in the current tax information and resubmit. Note resubmit, not save. Save is at thebottom and that just saves your FAFSA. You can save it and then up top right it says submit. Http://bellarminearc.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/file-your-fafsa-early-this-year-and-heres-why/

You are offered financial aid based on your degree of financial need of it. This is determined by your FAFSA application. They use the answers to that in a formula and the result is your EFC, estimated family contribution. Http://www.ifap.ed.gov/efcformulaguide/attachments/101310EFCFormulaGuide1112.pdf The lower this number the better. You file FAFSA, in 2 weeks it will be say processed which means they got it and are processing it. Then in about 2 weeks you get an email saying your SAR, student aid report is ready, this will tell you your EFC. They will send this SAR to the colleges you listed on your FAFSA. The ones to which you applied and offered you acceptance will create a financial aid budget also called cost of attendance (COA) which will be tuition, fees, books, room and board (housing and meal plan), personal expenses, travel expenses. The total of these is your COA.
minus EFC

So they will offer as much aid as you qualify for to match that FINANCIAL NEED to cover you COA. If you dont qualify for enough federal aid to cover that COA, then you would also need to bget a private loan to cover what the federal aid does not.

As an example my daughter’s EFC was 2700 something and she did qualify for grants and loans. However, when you file, what funds the college has etc. Factor into that.

So as you can see the lower the COA the less loans you will need to take out. Most all students have student loans except those with exceptional financial need based on the EFC. Also there are no loan colleges for low income students.



Great financial aid site: http://studentaid.ed.gov/students/attachments/siteresources/Funding_Education_Beyond_HS_2011-12.pdf


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Your Questions About Directx

David asks…

Does the Acer Aspire 5733 have an Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver?

I am looking to upgrade my ‘Acer Aspire 5733′ to Windows 8 and it meets all the requirements but I do not know what it means by Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver. Is the ‘Acer Aspire 5733′ able to upgrade to Windows 8? Does it have Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver?

Nagesh answers:

Hey, you know 32 bit drivers cannot work with 64 bit Windows. You can google for “Acer Drivers Update Utility” and it installs the correct drivers for your Windows 8 64 bit automatically. Good luck! :-)

Sharon asks…

How to upgrade DirectX?

Ok, what is DirectX????
How do i upgrade it?
Thanks for answering and get 10 points!!!

Nagesh answers:

DirectX is software that serves as a universal translator, DirectX is software that serves as a universal translator, DirectX is software that serves as a universal translator, DirectX is software that serves as a universal translator, allowing
your game to communicate with the hardware on your computer. When
you change the state of the game in any
way (moving the mouse), the game
communicates to your computer by
talking with DirectX. DirectX talks to the
hardware drivers, and the drivers send the message to the hardware (video card,
sound card). When performing updates,
update DirectX first; then, if that doesn’t
solve the issue, you may need to update
your drivers. IMPORTANT: Before updating DirectX, check with your hardware manufacturer
to ensure that your video and sound
cards are compatible with the latest
version of DirectX. There is no way to
uninstall or roll back this upgrade.


to check your version



Lizzie asks…

DirectX Runtime? Help!!!?

So I am trying to update/download the DirectX Runtime but for some reason it wont work since it says there is an Internal Error and to refer to my Windows folder. It won’t work and I’m getting frustrated because I want to play my game! Please help me and tell me what to do!

Nagesh answers:

DirectX 9.0c is the one you will need,
windows 7 and 8 already has version 11 installed.

DirectX 9.0c actually has a few components
that are missing in DirectX 11.

To install the missing parts found in DirectX 9.0c
Do Not use the web installer,
because it will fail every time.
You need to get the old actual installer.
Direct download link > http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe

make a new folder on your desktop,
when you fire up the installer
it will ask where to unpack the files to,
choose the new folder on your desktop.

When it has unpacked
in that folder you need to locate a file called DXSETUP
and double click on it.
Accept the agreement then click on next.
Then on next again.
Then click on finish when it has done its thing,
then delete the installer and the folder on your desktop that it unpacked to.

DirectX should now work correctly for your game.


Ruth asks…

How to install Directx 9.0c?

I tried downloading directx 9.0c and it wouldn’t work because it said there is an internal error please go check your windows folder. what does that mean? could somebody please help. i really need directx 9.also i tried looking for this “windows folder” and i couldn’t find anything.

Nagesh answers:

Directx comes shipped with some graphics cards, and video capture cards, and with some game software, and the latest microsoft media player.

Every few years Microsoft updates the capabilities of DirectX to include more functionality. They may be up to directX 11 by now. Certain versions will not install on older operating systems. Older graphics cards will not support at the low driver level many of the latest functions so having an older graphics cards will somewhat defeat installing new versions of directx.

An error installing directx 9.0c may mean that you already had DirectX 11 or 10 or 9c installed already?

Some versions of Windows come with DirectX and a new version of media player already installed.

I’m running Win2k and Directx 9.0c so the guy who said to be running XP or higher is less than accurate.

Carol asks…


What can DirectX do and
How do i know which DirectX i have and 3.if i find it should i have 9 or 10

Nagesh answers:

If you have DirectX, which you probably do, these steps will work and you’ll be able to see what version you have:

Click on the Start button and then choose Run.
Type in “dxdiag” (without the quotes) and click OK.

A box should open. If you don’t have DirectX, you will get an error message saying “Cannot find the file….” etc.

If the box opens, look at the bottom of the System tab to see what version of DirectX you have.

By the way, you can’t break anything by poking around and seeing what’s available to you here and what information is given and running tests. Just avoid making any changes.

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Your Questions About Frys

David asks…

How do I make fried chicken without using eggs?

I’m planning to make fried chicken, but I have no eggs… What do I do and do I need them to make the fried chicken? Thanks.

Nagesh answers:

Use buttermilk!


Ruth asks…

How do you get sweet potato fries nice and crispy without deep frying them?

I usually cut them into strips and pan fry them with a little butter but they still turn out soft, unless I REALLY cook them but then they turn black. I want them crispy but am not willing to deep fry them.

Nagesh answers:

Brush them with a little vegetable oil instead. Butter is mostly water, which is why your fries stay soft. By the time the water has evaporated by cooking them longer, the fries have been over cooked.

James asks…

What is the best way to fry without smells?

My roomate loves to fry, this ruins the apartment. I want to buy him an electric fryer that doesn’t produce smells. What would be the best kind of equipment to purchase for him to fry without smells? Brand, model, and/or technique would be appreciated?

Nagesh answers:

I haven’t found a way to fry that doesn’t leave odors..I have had good luck with Glade Odor Neutralizer..burning a couple candles will help as well..

Thomas asks…

Is there chemistry in frying instant noodles?

I am wondering i there is any chemistry in frying instant noodles for my project. What I do is take cup of noodles have hot water into it, microwave for a few seconds then put into the frying pan with hot sauce, soy sauce, lemon, onion powder and pepper. So is there any chemistry in the food that I am making?

Nagesh answers:

There is no science to it and its not frying technically, just heating.
Frying means cooking in oil in a frypan


Susan asks…

How do you make frozen fries crispy in the oven?

Every time that I cook frozen fries in the oven, I can not make them come out crispy no matter how long they cook. Would aluminum foil over the pan work?

Nagesh answers:

The fries need high heat, even heating, low moisture, oil/fat, and time. The problem with cooking frozen fries in most ovens is that heating is very uneven, so that some fries will brown and then burn before others have even thawed. Fries are inconsistent in size and volume, which affects how much heat is required to thaw them, cook the starch, then brown the exterior.

There are steps you can take to address each of these problems. In a regular oven, you need to spread out the fries evenly on the largest cookie sheet you have, with none of them touching each other, leaving space for hot air to circulate around each one. If you pile them up, you’ll always cook and burn the exterior ones before the interior. Another problem is that a regular oven uses the natural heat currents to circulate however they flow, which is very uneven and can flow over part of the cookie sheet and fries while other parts have little heat flow. So it helps to protect the cookie sheet from direct heat currents by one of several methods. You could use an insulated cookie sheet. You could use a pizza/baking stone underneath. Electric ovens have different heat flow than gas ovens. It really gets complicated when you consider all of the factors of baking frozen fries.

The best solution for baking frozen fries is to get a better kind of oven – a convection oven – that uses a fan to circulate the hot air. You don’t have to buy an expensive full size convection range. There are plenty of affordable convection toaster ovens. These are great for cooking and browning frozen food evenly and quickly. They also don’t heat up the kitchen as much as a large oven. You can even put them outside for cooking in a protected, dry place during the summer. They are better than regular ovens for baking everything. Many have manual or digital timers. Some have rotisseries. Some are larger to handle full size frozen pizza or have multiple racks large enough to cook roasts and whole chickens or turkey. In the long term, save the money to eventually get a full size convection oven if you do enough baking to justify the extra expense. There are also combo convection microwave ovens, like the Cuisinart model that I got for about $250. I also have a convection toaster oven that I got about 10 years ago at Costco for about $65 that has a rotisserie, manual timer, and can do pizza and roasts in the double rack area. I always get the best results from them for baking frozen foods. They’re great for cooking kiddie favorites of chicken nuggets and fish sticks, although you have to keep youngters safely away from burning themselves, because some surfaces of the oven can get very hot on some models.

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